• Anti Money Laundering

    Spar’s AML program is comprehensive and reduces manual labor. It allows the maximum utilization of time and resources to develop a robust strategy. We offer end-to-end solutions with niche technologies to prevent fraudulent activities.

    Spar’s AML Services

    Today’s financial crimes have become highly sophisticated and can only be countered with the best AML platform services. We provide the best services and safeguard the business of our clients.

    Platform Services

    • Risk & Compliance Management Platform
    • Diagnostic Process – AML & Fraud detection
    • Smart Data Investigative Platform design
    • Audit Support
    • IT Support

    Advisory Services

    • Compliance Program Assessment
    • Data Analytics
    • Data Governance and Data Validation
    • Model Risk Management

    Spar’s big data practice is all about turning the inherent potential into profits. As champions of the art of data, we have made our presence felt in every vertical.

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